What personal health crises taught me

Everyone should wake up every morning praising the skies for the gift of their wonderful body. But getting there can be a tough climb, especially when you’re starting way under sea level.

I’ll always remember the episode that led me to hate my body so deeply, ascetics practicing mortification of the flesh would have shivered.

It started one stressful night of 2017, around 4:00 a.m. I had been lying in bed for hours, trying every trick in the book to get myself to sleep.

Up until then, this basic human skill of mine had never failed me. From hectic nights…

The Blanket Exercise made me realize I wasn’t.

Last January, the charity I worked for held its quadrennial staff gathering in Ottawa, where my department participated in an Indigenous Blanket Exercise. And boy did that not go as I expected.

The Blanket Exercise is a workshop in which participants enact centuries of history from an Indigenous point of view. It is meant to shine some light on lesser-known, uncomfortable facts of Canada’s past, and foster reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

“So… There’s the Blanket thing on the second day.” I hazarded to a colleague days before the gathering.

I had always been sensitive to Indigenous issues, but…

Sophie Arbour

Well-being | Relationships | Nature | Stories, thoughts and sometimes lists.

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